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    cab u add more pls I already finished
    Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss.. Take note that this is completely fiction....
  • one__DirecTion__FanN
    I just read jealousy rlly short j gonna do another ö one?
    loving a monster
    loving a monster
    hanna has the perfect life, boyfriend and everything she could of hope for until she meets harry. harry turns hanna's world upside down will harry have his ways with hanna or will hanna drives harry away...
  • one__DirecTion__FanN
    are harry and timber bf and gf or sister and brother I'm sooooooo confuse
    Lost in Words
    Lost in Words
    Two girls hit the road with One Direction. Timber best friends with Harry while hold a secret crush. While Maxi, upcoming singer, is acting like she is dating Harry, but what happens when feelings being...
    KayCee K
    3 years ago
    The rollercoaster!! You'll just have to red to find out? ;)
    What do you think of them together? Yes or No?
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    Can u add me? my name is Siara I have brown hair brown eyes and I want Niall ro be my b in the story why bc I love his looks and his personality and I would like u to introduce me like this "Niall thought he would be the only one without a girlfriend but one of Chole's Friends wanted to hang out she didn't realize she was with 1D she got all excited because she saw him....Niall....."the u can say everything about me (u can change if u want) oh and mention I'm a tomboy skater a shirt with 00 like jerseys plaid shirt to put on top around waist ripped skinny jeans and black vans thxs! ☺☺
    Kidnapped by my lover?
    Kidnapped by my...
    "Let me go!" I yelled crying "I don't think i can do that babe" He said Will I ever get out of here? Will I ever get to see my friends?
    3 years ago
    Congratulations! you have won the contest for Niall Girlfriend! I hope you dont mind Im going to change a little bit about how you are introduced in the story! Hope you have a good day! xxx
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