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Hey! :D

I am Pochapal, but the name on my novel dictates me to actually be called Conor.

So yeah. I'm just another published author on this site, trying to give y'all on Movellas some more lovely reading material.

I am best known for my Hunger Games fanfics, which are currently undergoing some format revision, and soon to be known for my published-on-Amazon novel, Eternal.

Besides that, enjoy your time here, and try to not be too mentally scarred by my imagination and all the wonderful things it creates. :P

  • Pochapal
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    Hi! :D Welcome to Movellas! I am Pochapal, who also goes by the dumb name of Conor, and I happen to be a complete major dork. :P

    My likes:
    1) Writing whatever the hell my brain thinks of. (This happens to be far too many things)

    2) Listening to all kinds of glorious music. (I actually have like 60GB of songs as I download anything that could remotely fit a scene I'm writing)

    3) Crying over fictional characters. :P (Fandoms - my one weakness.)

    I'm also writing an original novel series, but every time I go to write book two about fifty fanfic ideas come into my head and then I have to try and juggle many projects at once.

    But yeah, enough about me! Enjoy your stay here, and I hope you have a good time! :3
  • Pochapal
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    Hello there. I saw on the forums that you were interested in feedback, so I'll give you an honest review on your writing. Be aware that what you are about to read entirely consists of my opinion alone.

    First off: the storyline. I have to say that fantasy world stories, when done right, can really get me gripped. And so far, this story seems promising; the premise is certainly interesting, and you have managed to leave me wanting to read on and discover more about the world you have established.

    And now for the characters: I'm guessing that Azar and Aliah are the main characters in this tale. So far, you have set up a good introduction to them through an interesting back-story. I am curious to see how their stories develop, and what route they take with their new-found powers. Especially considering their age, the idea of two children with the power to end a war is certainly something for me to invest in, and to see how everything will ultimately play out.

    Spelling and grammar-wise, it is on the whole good; however, I have encountered a few common mistakes that do not detract from the story, but can interrupt the flow. I'd suggest going through with a fine comb to make sure that it is of as high a quality as possible.

    FINAL VERDICT: 6.5/10. A good start with a promising story to tell, and if done right, could end up being a really great story. :)

    Keep up the writing! :D
    The Book Of Aliah
    The Book Of Aliah
    Humans are dying. Random attacks of terrorism have filled the human world with fear. When Azar Mesurah decides to destroy the veil between the humans and the Seiners, the threat of an apocalyptic war ...
    R.J Letts
    6 years ago
    thanks Conor!
    I'll start now!
    6 years ago
    Hahahahahhaah whoah I didn't even realise this was you until after I reviewed. XD
    R.J Letts
    6 years ago
    silly billy!
  • Pochapal
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    Here are all the things that have developed as a result of becoming a writer for me:

    1) Friends? What friends? I abandoned them all for the sake of writing.
    2) Every song ever goes with a scene in my head.
    3) Hello complete stranger. You will make a nice minor character.
    4) All daylight hours are spent crafting chapters.
    5) Any, every, and all works of fiction can be referenced.
    6) Finding a mistake is cause enough to wither in defeat.
    7) I read books just to literally take the good parts from the author's writing style.
    8) School feels like it is there to solely be a barrier from writing.
    9) When I see published works I cry because they're all so good and I feel constantly inadequate in comparison.
    10) It's gotten to the point where my family is sick of me always going on about my writing/stories/characters.

    I have precisely zero regrets.
    Victoria Raven
    6 years ago
    I do 2, 4, 7 and 9 if yours, I normal?
    K.s Nightshade originals
    wow.. yours is similar to mine i have done 1(so far) 2, 4,6, 8,9(Iwonder how they got thier big brake though) 10,10, and again 10!!!!!!!!
    Molly Looby
    6 years ago
    Yep. This is so me as well. All 10. No regrets!
  • Pochapal

    mumbled "23 Cannons - Endgame Pause"

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    Hey there guys.

    Now I know a few of you are currently invested in reading my movella 23 Cannons, and you may have noticed that updates have all but dried up. This is because of one reason: the story won't update again until I have finished it all. The reason for this concerns many things, the main one being that in order to make this effective as possible I'll have to write out of chronological order to build foreshadowing and character development, and with so few chapters left of the Games, I know that leaving on any later cliffhanger would be too painful.

    So hopefully you all understand, and can just wait a while for the final chapters to appear all at once to see how it all plays out in the end. :)
    6 years ago
    Yeah, we will invest more too :3
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