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live life and always find an adventure i'm a stranger things fan also i'm a 80s fan too and Queen is my favorite band right now i'm planning to be the next J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter rules and so does Disney.

Back to school.... Yay

by , Saturday August 4, 2018
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does anyone have any tips on how how if y'all get left out 

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  • Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)

    mumbled "Guys i need your help i'm trying to look for a pen pal so that i can write back to someone back and forth "

    any ideas
    Jade Wolffe
    5 days ago
    well we kind of are pen pals aren't we?
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    i know that jaders but i wanna write to someone ya know
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    Oh hell's bells... Nathaniel.miller451@gmail.com if you wanna pen pal, you got it... no problem with that.. What makes writing for me so fun is the collaboration and exchange of ideas of ALL ages... Some of you kids on here have ALOT to learn yet, and i suggest the notebook idea (like Ray Bradbury taught me in many a writing seminar for many years) Take it with you and write down everything you see that is interesting in a short paragraph, then look at the "Good ones" and expand in a brainstorm session that makes for GOOD stories. It will open your eyes to make you "Observant" as writers SHOULD be...
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