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I love to write short and fanfic stories. If you have anything to say about my stories then leave a message in the comments.

  • Princesss Tristen McCann

    mumbled "Happy Birthday!!!!! Your 23!!!!!!!!!"

    Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!!! You're finally 23! Ohhh! Which means I can now continue with my story with your birthday actually being in there!!!
  • Princesss Tristen McCann

    mumbled "Ever since you moved"

    Ever since you moved you just talk about yourself and when I try to talk to you about me and all that you just go back to talking about you, I wish that you would just let me speak for a moment. Like for real, I dont get to talk about me and whats happening over here, because you like the spotlight

    Im sorry I just needed to rant
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    mumbled "New Book"

    Writing a new book and it will be out soon, and If I were to publish any of my books, would anyone buy them?
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    mumbled "Letting My Feelings for Him go AWAY"

    Yeah so this guy I like, and he was a really sweet guy to me, but now all I see is a complete d*** head so yeah, time to let my feelings go away
    3 years ago
    That happened to one of my best friends,she fell for him over a year ago and this school year he's just been a complete asshole to her this year and he was super nice last year.
    Princesss Tristen McCann
    Right, thats how he is with me, the first day of school he was like "Can I stare at you?" and I shock my head no, and then last friday his friend asked me who I was and he was like "oh you know just tristen, the girl who wouldnt stop emailing me." and all i did was ask him if he wanted to go to the homecoming dance with me. They are complete dicks, and Im sorry for your friend
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    mumbled "One Year Ago Today!"

    So One Year ago today was when Purpose the Album by Justin Bieber was released! I was so happy to get it for my birthday, just one month and 32 days after it was released!! Congrats Justin!!!!