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Hello! This is my second account on Movellas, and it's where I'll publish the fan fictions that I don't want people to know I've written. XD Don't worry, I never write R rated stuff. :)
I hope you like my work, and if you ever want to fangirl over something with me, feel free!

  • Ravenstag
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    I don't often read fan fictions- scrap that, I NEVER read them. However, after seeing the quality of your writing, I may just be tempted to.
    I like how this starts- I like how the MC thinks this:
    "...but because of all the clichés you hear about when a girl my age moves. A seventeen-year-old girl moves into town and finds a cute boy and they fall in love, go through a huge bump in their relationship, blah blah blah."
    That really drew me in.

    Overall, I have no negative criticism. I wasn't able to read all of it- unfortunately! <3 - but you spelling, grammar and general knowledge of writing are all brilliant.
    All I can say is- update soon! <3
    (This was for the feedback chain blog post. :) )
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