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    Hey everyone! So I'm new to Movella's and I'd love for you to read my story Miracles Happen:

    Miracles HappenHope is just your average girl. She never wanted this sickness... She never truly believe in love... And now that she is going to encounter more things...

    And I take feed back, opinions, critism, and everything else openly becasue thats what makes these stories better, right?

    But if you really like my story, you know what to do ;)
    6 years ago
    Welcome to movellas! :)
    Eve Smallman
    6 years ago
    Wow, sorry I'm a week late. But hi and yeah, welcome to Movellas :D. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask me or anyone, as we are all pretty friendly :). Funnily enough, I left feedback on your story a few days ago XD but I hope I've been of help :)
  • !sarahsivan!

    mumbled "Newby!"

    Hello! I'm new to Movellas but I'm deffinately not new to reading and writing and I'd love for all of you to read my stuff! I'll be posting more as my profile develops. Thanks guys
    6 years ago
    Thanks I do have a question actually. How long does it normally take for a new movella to start getting reads?
    6 years ago
    It depends. If you write 1D stuff, typically instantly. If you write any other genre, it might take a little bit and I suggest making a forum post in the How You Doing forum here:
    Introduce yourself and mention you're a new writer and would appreciate it if some people took a look at your stuff and you'll get some reads. :)
    6 years ago
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