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I’ve moved to fan fiction.net now. I’m not on here anymore. My name on there is “ThisIsTheEyeOfTheHurricane”. If you wanna talk, message me there. Enjoy my old bio: Hi! I’m the owner of this account. Call me Mew or my usual nickname: Unusual Feather. There’s not much to say. I’m a girl. I like Undertale, FNaF, NitW, Sword Art Online, Doki-Doki Literature Club and YouTube. The YouTubers I watch are Jacksepticeye, Kyutie, Markiplier, Reaction Time, NewScapePro, Shubble, Mithzan, Starbot Dubs, FusionZGamer, JT Machinima, Unicomics, AlbertsStuff and Flamingo. My profile picture changes based on my mood or if there is a holiday.
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Help (Triston)

by , Monday January 8, 2018
Why am I up at midnight writing a blog? There’s a problem. So, I have this friend named Triston. We met on Doki Doki Literature Club Amino. We were best friends (Although he did kill my chat by spamming Yuri and Natsuki hentai). 2 or 3 hours ago I was talking to my friend Piggy and him about suicide and things like that. Suddenly I see this: “Guys. I overdosed on something. Now I’m throwing up.” From Triston. Me and Piggy were freaking out. We called....

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