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    mumbled "2.4K omggg"

    I cant believe that we just hit 2.4K views on Be My Summer Love! It feels like just yesterday Mary and I were freaking out about 500 views. We are both in shock and so thankful for everyone who read it. If you havent read it please go check it out. Thank you so much, hopefully i can make Mary update soon. I feel like i cant thank you guys enough. I love you all so much <3
  • screamingwithluke
    Omg omg i loveeeeeeeee this! Pleaseeee update asap!!
    Living In The O2L House
    Living In The O2L...
    When Veronica (Maia Mitchell) goes to California to live with her best friend Jc and the rest of the O2L boys...
  • screamingwithluke
    OMG i love this :)
    Alive ~Sam Pottorff Lovestory/fanfiction~ (ON A VEEEEERY LONG HOLD)
    Alive ~Sam Pottorf...
    Allison is just your average 18-year-old girl, but that changes when an accident brings her to meet Sam Pottorff, the YouTube famous boy, with fans all over the world...
    Thanks so much! :)
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    mumbled "Why "

    Why is this happening to me? What did i do to deserve this? :(
    My mom is always telling me how i'm stupid and it adds to my test anxiety. Then i take tests and get bad grades which makes her yell more. Then the bad grades make me feel terrible. My mom tells me i'm not going to get into a magnet program they have at my local high school, which i have wanted to get into for so long. If i cant get into that or even get good grades then how do i think i'm going to be able to be a neuroscientist (my dream job). I don't even think i'm going to be successful when i'm older... sorry for dumping all this on you :(
    7 years ago
    It's fine. I think your mum pushing you to get good grades is stressing you out, making you get bad grades.
    Yeah i totally agree. She just doesn't see it and is constantly making me stressed about everything. And then she hates on my friends to my face.
  • screamingwithluke
    OMG loveee this!!! Update asap!!! PLeaseeeeeee
    Tinkerbell. (A Luke Hemmings Story) -5 Seconds Of Summer- (5SOS)
    Tinkerbell. (A Luk...
    "Its amazing what you can hide, just by putting on a smile." - Demi Lovato. On the outside Millie looked like your typical teenage girl; happy, bubbly, sassy and funny, which along with her looks earned...
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