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I've been writing poetry and short stories for years now, so I figured why not give a hand at writing a full story? Although I'm honestly much more of an artist (character design), I'll do my best guys!

  • Silversheen
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    I nominate 'Skyward: Gabriel's Return' by @[Spartan~]
    The Movellas Awards
    The Movellas Award...
    I once was nominated for a Movellas award in another book and wanted to share the great feeling with others. I would like to recognize some really great books that I have read on this site and rank them...
  • Silversheen
    5 years agoReply
    Love it! Please update soon!
    The True Tale of Snow White
    The True Tale of...
    Snow looked at her mother with defiant eyes. At the age of seventeen she now knew the truth. Her image was a lie. Again Snow looked into the mirror, seeing clearly the white roots and pale lips. All her...
  • Silversheen
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    Hi guys! Thanks for even looking at my story--all is appreciated. Please leave any sort of comments: things you like, things you don't, and stuff you'd like to see.
    Don't Forget Me
    Don't Forget Me
    There was only one survivor of the plane crash in Missouri that day, and he has no idea who he is, who he came with, or what he was doing on a plane to the States anyway. Everyone is waiting for his memory...
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