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I love demi ,justin and selena
Im a warrior

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    I'm sorry my app is doing weird so if you can't read it i'm so so sorry
    Now I'm a warrior
    Now I'm a warrior
    *warning this story contains self harm and abuse* "Look the slut showed up" Chaz said smirking. "Like the fat bitch had a choice" Justin said I walked further up to them with my head down. "Please...
    6 years ago
    When are you make a new chapter ??
    6 years ago
    i updated two chapters now :)
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    Please update...
    I'm Broken
    I'm Broken
    18 year old Crystal has never had the same up bringing as most kids. Her Mother died, causing her father to be drunk and abusive all the time, she dropped out of school because she was being bullied and...
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    My movella is called now im a warrior its about Angel who get bullied and abused and lot and her family doesnt know about it she is played by who you want to be then we have justin ( played by justin bieber) he is her bully but he falls in love with her and saves her when she wants to end he life then he has o learn her how to trust and fall in love again and then thay fall in love
    Trailers ♥ -On Hold-
    Trailers ♥ -On Hol...
    -On Hold- Need a trailer for your fanfics? Just Tell Me In The Comments! I need to know- The Name Of The Fanfic The Main Characters And Who They Are Played By Your Email The Style ( Drama, Romance) The...
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