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Lille knægt der udtrykker sine følelser i form af digte, en masse emotionelt og lidt humor ind i mellem


Well.. I will consider myself as a danish poet who writes in both the danish and the english language.
I am inspired by things that happens to my everyday-life, or how I feel inside.
I'd wrote poems since I was 15 years old, but I've wrote a few songs before that.

I wrote my first song in the age of 9, it was dedicated to my sister. My family were so proud, because they didn't know anything, and I did it all by myself.

Mostly my poems are about love, lost love or death and life. But sometimes other ideas occur in my mind.

  • Sune Hesselbjerg

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    Hello world, fans and everyone ^^
    I would like to inform you that I have a "like" page on Facebook (there's a link given in the description) ;)
    and if that isn't enough for you, you can also follow me on twitter -

    You are always welcome to come up with some ideas, or requests.. OR if you just want to chat, we can do that :D
    8 years ago
    Would you read some of my work?
  • Sune Hesselbjerg
    And poems is one of your weak sides? :O

    Well.. Then the other work of yours to come, must be astonishing
    Fixed to be Broken
    Fixed to be Broken
    A simple poem telling the tragic tale of a girl, whose heart has been broken one too many times... (My entry for that poetry contest. Poetry isn't my strong point so I am open to all advise and constrictive...
  • Sune Hesselbjerg
    Læst :)
    - Har desværre ingen kommentarer. :/ der er ikke noget dårligt i det, men det giver mig ingen associationer..
    9 years ago
    Hej, er det fordi du ikke forstod det? eller?
    Sune Hesselbjerg
    9 years ago
    ja :P

    en dag, når jeg har mere tid, slår jeg ord som Keruber, serail og seraf op :D ved seraf er noget mytologisk :D men føler at man skal have lidt forforståelse for at læse det ^^
  • Sune Hesselbjerg
    I like this poem :)
    It really makes pictures stream through my head.
    The dragon, i first saw the dragon as a dragon, but afterwards I saw the dragon as a metaphor.
    either way, This poem is well done
    There was a Dragon
    There was a Dragon
    A collection of poems about mythical creatures (the unknowns) Be sure to comment, like, and favorite!
    Elizabeth Hale
    9 years ago
    Thanks! I appreciate it!
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