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(All my old stories are crap don't read them please! In the process of writing a murder mystery that should be out soon)

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    name: Ariat Chasee
    Age: 14
    Appearance: a blonde, skinny girl. blonde little whisps frame her face. Her eyes are navy, almost black. With gold lining the pupil. Medium size. curly hair and never smiles.
    Personality: Vicious to the bone. Never smiles and doesn't even care about getting sponsors, (Can I try to kill creaser on my interview :P ) doesn't believe in allies.
    Weapon: Throwing knife, blow gun, or daggers.
    Fav color: black
    Other: She's a orphan. she hates people and killed several other girls.
    District: any district you need me for.
    The Hunger Games: Virtual Version
    The Hunger Games:...
    Have you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind. Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual Version! To 'sign up' as a tribute, designer,...
    sounds like you should be in district 2, and shouldn't she have been excecuted for killing several girls, and attempting to kill ceasar.
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    mind reading my hunger games fanfic? this was awesome!
    The Career Tribute from district one- The Hunger games fan fiction
    The Career Tribute...
    This is before Katniss Everdeen. This is the 11th Hunger Games in panems history. Minota has trained all her life for this moment. Let the 11th annual Hunger games begin. And may the odds be as ever in...
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    mumbled "Hello My name Is Lizzy :P"

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    Hey guys! I'm just a girl who loves to write! be sure to read my finished series; The 55th Hunger Games! Any writing ideas for me? Leave them below! I will be starting another series soon but it won't be a fanfic :)
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