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    Name of Movella: Comma Space
    Author:Dream Chaser
    Blurb to Movella:The human race is falling a plague that attacks the brain, causing people to become blood crazy. Having seen her father kill her mother, a stranger murder her father, 'problimatic' and mute Lauravelle races to save her sister before time runs out. Thomas, a man wise beyond his year, has had to murder his friends and adopted family member finds himself cross-country with his crippled grandmother, hiding away from the risky safe haven.
    Ideas: N/A
    Quote: 'I'm the comma in sentence, that big pause most people don't take. You're like a space, always there and making a difference.'
    Other: Genre is Science Fiction
    Please and thank you!
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    It's back, with new and IMPROVED Covers! I'll have them done within 48 hours!
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    Dream Chaser
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    Thank you so much! I love it!
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    Title: Puzzles and Games
    Author: Dream Chaser(Maddi)
    Summary: *House, M.D. Fanfic* When selectively-mute seven-year-old Carter Michaels' mother dies, she is sent to live with her father, renown diagnostician Gregory House.
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    I make covers normally a dark aesthetic, but I can make anything you request
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    I'll get right on it
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