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Hi! I'm thefemalecrafter827! If you don't like my pen name, you can just call my real name, Emma. I'm 13, and I'm in 7th grade.

I'm a Potterhead, Directioner, Mixer, Lovatic, Swifter, (don't get me started on her red album. I know some of the songs are about Harry Styles and I will just go digital ninja warrior on you) I'm from the U.S., love the Hunger Games, love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes Of Olympus and I'M PROUD OF IT! DEAL WITH IT!

My interests include:
Stalking 1D on Youtube :P
Playing Minecraft
Collecting Pencils (No Joke)
Jewelry Making
Duct Taping
Playing With Legos (I'm such a kid)

Read my mumbles! Read my movellas! Follow me! Peace out my Creepers!

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    mumbled "WHY. JUST. WHY."

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    I have the free pocket edition minecraft on my iPod. I saw about 10 blocks of diamond a minute ago, and I COULDN'T FREAKING MINE IT. Stupid thing, just oh whatever...
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    mumbled "Awesomeness....."

    Whoever likes ancient aliens has to talk to me. That show is figging awesome and no one in my family likes the show! I don't get it. Please talk to me if you like it! Please?

    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    well I sorta like it haha I mean it's not really real but it's neat with the different ideas they come up with XD but I have to go to sleep nowwww it's really late here D:
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    Are you going to update soon, cristy?
    Summer Love: Last Step
    Summer Love: Last...
    One life. One year. One month. One week. One day. One hour. One minute. One second. One Last Step! Chris thinks death is the only way out. Will she change her mind when one boy from the biggest boyband...
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    Dear Lord Girl! You have got so much talent.
    Niall is one of the biggest stars in the world him and his boy band members Louis Harry Zayn and Liam. They all know about Nialls secret Family. But no one else does. He wants to keep them secret to protect...
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    I love this..
    Small steps
    Small steps
    Lauren and Harry got together 9 years ago and had a little girl named Grace. Harry left for the x-factor and is now living it up big. He has no clue that his daughter Grace is the best dancer in the town....or...
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