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"Good girls are Bad girls that have never been caught."
Totally fits me...

I am a Fanvergent: What makes us Different makes us Dangerous.

Half Austrian and proud of it!
A creative Pisces-a dreamer and an artist,and a bit chaotic to go with it...
An official ship-war-peace-maker, striving for a world without hatred.

An official Frozen Potterhead. A Daughter of Athena at your service.
Elsa is my long lost twin.
Jelsa is my O.T.P( Along with Julicas)
ROTBFTD is my life.

That's me,
Done &Dusted.

  • TheLastMidnight

    mumbled "Competitions"

    Uh guys I'm new here, so can someone please explain to me how we can enter a competition ????
    Le Fox
    4 years ago
    To enter a competition, you have to go to that competition page, and once you've written your story and it's published, you need to press the big green button that says 'enter competition', and then select which story it is you want to enter. Hope this helped!
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