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ღ TAKEN by an angel ღ Terry~ 9th May 2015

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    New Realism Story ^-^

    Fairly new to Movellas, and I've just taken down a previous Realism story because of personal reasons.. but I've started up a new one now! And I will keep this one going :3

    Please let me know if you think that the first chapter is too long, as if it is I'll split it into two. Also please help me with any further improvements, thankyou~ x
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    mumbled "Sigh, I'm going to continue this one, I promise!"

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    FidelityBeth was very alone to begin with. In reality, she wasn't, but within herself, she knew that it was just her. But now, more than ever, she wonders how...
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    mumbled "Ughh... Sorry"

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    I really didn't want it to have to come to this, because the idea for the story was very vivid in my head, but I'm afraid I cannot carry on with "Because I was with "Mollie". The co-author (my girlfriend at the time) and I split a while ago, and it didn't end on great terms. My heart lies with another now, who I intend to write about very soon, but it still kinda aches to think about, and I don't really know how I can carry on the story anymore. If you really do want me to leave it up, then of course I will. Maybe one day, I might go back to it

    Sorry again for those who were reading, I hope you understand~ღ
    4 years ago
    i hope you're okay <3
    facebook me if you need xx
    4 years ago
    Ily Chloe <3 Thankyou so much Xx
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