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Just an amateur novelist looking for an audience and some feedback. I’m new to this site so please forgive me and correct me if I don’t understand something or make a mistake. Thanks for reading!

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    mumbled "writers block"

    Does anybody have any tips for overcoming writer's block? I know where this chapter is going, but I am having trouble making my ideas take shape. I have 46,235 words on my story so far and I want to reach 50,000 by the end of October but I always seem to have trouble writing the smaller, more mundane scenes in between y major plot points. any tips?
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
    I understand well. The boring bits are always the sections between larger events. They can be tedious on the mind. Why not wind forward and write the next major plot and then go back to it to link them up?
    The Intelligence Division
    This could be an unpopular take, but it's the one recommended to me by various professors and professional writers, as well as Phillip Pullman and Anthony Horowitz.

    On no account stop writing. Keep to your writing schedule at all times. Continue to write just as much as you would have done, even without the ideas for your main project.
    Anthony Horowitz would have you work on many projects simultaneously and just switch to another one when you get stuck, I would argue that switching media (to art or music or something) is an equally valid alternative, as is switching to a different part of the story - the details are up to you. But keep to your schedule. Additionally, set yourself a target for a quantity of 'mundane' that you should write every single day. Additionally, when you are not writing, keep a notebook of ideas for ways that you could make the mundane things less mundane to write. This will make your mundane scenes more fun to write, and therefore better.
    Mister Tea
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    I can't just keep writing no matter how hard I try to do just that. I have to take a break if I've hit a patch of writer's block. Maybe that involves writing for a different story until my desire returns or just a total break that can last days or even weeks.
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