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Idk really, there's so much I could tell you about me, but none of it's interesting. So yeah, if you like thoughtful things, you've come to the write place. I try to write big fantasies, but they never turn out how I imagined them in my head so I end up discarding them. I write my thoughts mainly and some poetry. If it's me and not my writing you want to know about, I guess the most interesting thing about me is music. I'm connected to music in an emotional sense. I work towards music. I make music and I listen as well. Music is everything to me. It's sort of my own little world that no ones allowed to invade. Yeah, books, writing and music. That's me.

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    Wow wow wow this is great!!! Just one thing, it's going to sound like criticism but it's honestly out of mere curiosity - do you think either cover - yours or the actual cover - accurately represent the book? Because I'm a strong believer that covers should represent their books. The cover published never quite did that for me - I can see the simplicity of it, and that's what drew me to the books in the first place, but it didn't quite portray it as the series then went on to a spiral of confusion for me as I tried to figure out who was who in relation to each other. Your cover shows it as quite a dystopian book, which it is, but is that the entirety of it? Sorry if it sounds like I'm criticising your work, I can assure you I'm not - like I said before but not very well, this is just an opportunity to discuss my and other's views on the book itself, really, and also publishing novels in general. I'm just curious to see what others think about these topics. Again, I apologise if I sound critical, I genuinely do not mean to be. Your cover is truly amazing :)
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    You're not offensive or critical at all - all criticism is good criticism, and questioning is even better.

    I feel that this cover does represent the book - at least, my view of the book. I have a shattered texture overlaying the entire cover to show how broken the pretty society is - which is the city in the background - and how fractured the lives of those who live there are.

    I feel that a cover is like a blurb; it should hint to the beginning of the story to draw a reader in, and leave the rest ambiguous. If it gives away too much of the story, there's no point in reading the book. It's difficult to strike the balance between too little and too much :)

    I'm really glad you like my cover - it means a lot to me :)
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    This is amazing, the ideas have such vast space to explore. I'm particularly liking the soulmates one and Perception, because they both have so many directions they can go in. Thank you. I might finally be able to get some writing done :)
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    awesome :) glad to be of service. Please let me know if you decide to write one. I'd love to take a look.
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    Dan and Phil (obviously)

    Anyone else feel like Phil is sometimes a little underappreciated? Don't get me wrong, Dan is awesome too, and he respects Phil in every way. But you may find that people usually watch Dan, but not Phil - or prefer Dan over Phil. Phil should be just as appreciated as Dan - after all, he's the one who got Dan into Youtubing (yes, it's a word now, I don't care), and he also got many other Youtubers into it. Phil should be more recognised as an individual I think.
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    What happened here? I used to get around 30 notifications a week, now I barely get 5 a month - what's happened to everyone? Was there an apocalypse, did everyone die?
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    I'm Not Okay
    I'm Not Okay
    I am most absolutely, positively, perfectly, joyously okay. {No you're not.}
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    0.0 Should I fear for my life?

    >:) Mwuahhahahhahahahahaha!
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    Kidding CX
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