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    sexual aesthetic...
    by wakanda
  • wakanda

    mumbled "hello"

    1 years agoReply
    hey guys, i'm new to movellas! just wondering, what are the main fandoms on movellas? it looks like the two main ones are harry potter and one direction, am i wrong? i'm really into marvel, harry potter, and sherlock... are there any books that you'd recommend? i also love to write and was wondering if smut is considered "acceptable" on movellas. thanks!
    Mister Tea
    1 years ago
    Hello, honestly I'm not sure what the main fandoms are anymore since I've been on Sherlock, 1D and Five Seconds of Summer have been big among movellians and Harry Potter has been and still is, but not sure if any of them are as big as they used to be.

    I have the first chapter of an Avengers story published and I'm working on the first chapters of individual stories for my team Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant Man and Wasp.

    As far as how smutty you can make a story, that's what the colour code system is for when you're creating a new story, green would suggest none whatsoever, yellow - maybe a little bit might be acceptable but if you go with red you'll be able to write a lot more smut but it's still only for 16+ so there's a chance someone could still report it and you'd have to tone it down or take it down if enough people complained.
    1 years ago
    okay thank you!
    Book Maker
    1 years ago
    Hello @[wakanda], welcome to Movellas!!
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