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Hello I am xoTomlinsonxo! As you can probably figure out by my name I am clinically diagnosed with One Direction Infection and I'm a Louis Girl! Please favourite and like my stories! And if you comment I will guarantee that I will respond! I will read your stories! But please don't post spam on my stories. Thats annoying >.< I will co-write books! Just invite me and we can discuss! I love you all and please check out my stories!

Don't be fooled by the black and white my movellas are full of colour!

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    mumbled "Face Claims for My Stories"

    So here's is who I imagine as the main OFC's in my stories.

    First of all Lillian Marie Brie FC is Caitlin Stasey who is my total girl crush...

    Then for Adeline Calvert I have no idea who she is but she is stunning (I think it's Barbara Palvin)...

    Then for Lintley Guinevere she is Lily Collins all the way for me...

    For Tatum Spence it is Ginny Gardener all the way...

    And for Brooklyn Webbs it is the beautiful Victoria Justice...
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    mumbled "5 Types of Movellas *IMPORTANT PLEASE READ*"

    If you hadn't noticed this before my movellas are all very different. This isn't because I'm bipolar or anything, this is due to the fact that I believe that there are six types of fanfiction and in order to appeal to everyone I want to recreate all types :)

    - The first one being what I like to call the predictable fanfiction, it's over dramatised and the chosen boy and OFC go back and forth before they end up together. It usually has a very stereotypical story line with added twists and turns (Back For You)

    - The next one is the innocent/cheeky one. The OFC usually has an out of this world name and a really quirky personality, strange things are said and strange things happen. It's very comical and very coy (That One Girl)

    - Another one is a dark one where what happens is that they fall in love from the start and then they have alot of sex. It's basically smut. (Hush)

    - There is also a supernatural one, very easy to explain. Someone either has a super power (mind reading etc) or is some mystical being (Hush)

    - There is another one which I like to call 'feels fanfiction' because its often very sad with happy twists that send your emotions flying in all directions

    The fanfiction I am creating next will fall under "Feels Fanfiction," I have alot planned out and it'll be perfect!

    Also Back For You should be coming to a close soon enough, I have 4 more chapters to write (possibly more) then it'll be done! Thankyou so much for your constant and support and love, it really means a lot!

    After I finish Back For You I'm going to start getting to work on Hush. It is very dark so only mature audiences please. I'll try not to make it too smutty (this IS movellas after all) and I can't really since I'm 15 so... haha.

    Then I'm going to finish "That One Girl" and after that I have two brilliant ideas for two new movellas.

    One of them is called 'Sweat' which sounds really retarded but the OFC is called Tatum and she is a personal trainer to the boys, this one will be a Niall Fanfiction by the way :P

    The next one is under construction I have an idea for it but I have no idea what it's going to be called (it'll come to me) and the OFC is called Brooklyn and this will be a Liam fan fiction. So please continue to support these, you guys keep me going. Love you all!


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    AHHHH OMG I CANT WAIT!!! :D i dont want back for you to end but as long as louis and lily get together i'll be so happy :) I am looking forward to reading more of hush i've been wanting you to update it for ages now so cant wait!!! and that one girl i cant wait till that one continues its such a quirky book which i love :D AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE 2 NEWS ONES YAY!!! im so excited cant wait :D and i might be publishing my own book soon so you read it when i put it :) keep up the good work love you <3 :D xox
    Just A Little Fangirl
    :D I don't want it to end but everything comes to an end right
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    mumbled "When my crush compliments me..."

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    mumbled "When someone compliments my writing and I have no idea what to say..."

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    mumbled "When one direction comes on..."