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    mumbled ""I'm Broken" "

    HEY GUYS!! Okay, If the title scared you a little, DON'T WORRY!!!! I'm not really broken It's just the name of a Movella I'd like you guys to check out. Obviously Its called "I'm Broken" And it's by 'Perrie-Tomlinson' (NO SPACE!) So pppppppppppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee go check it out! Its Reallllyyyy good so far. There is only one chapter but its really good so far! Please go like and favourite and comment and all that!! THANKS!!! :) xxxxxx
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    mumbled "MORE CHAPTERS!!!! "

    HEY GUYS!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! So.... Ive had a lot of great things so far today, and one of them is my OWN LAPTOP!!!! So you know what this means?? ILL BE ABLE TO DO EVEN MORE CHAPTERS!! the problem was that i had to update off my phone and thats really awkward as some of you may know... :/ BUT NOT ANY MORE!!! Look forward to new chapters for 'You and I' 'Falling' 'His Other Side' and 'Perrie Louise Edwards' YYYYYEEEEEYYYYY!!!! :)
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    mumbled "Falling GF Contest Winners!!!!!!! :) "

    Hey Guys! So, I've Chosen the people who are going to be Zayn's and Liam's GFs and they areeeee...... Zayn's: Rach xo. Liam's: HarryWillBeMine.
    sorry if I didn't pick ou! But don't worry! If you asked me to be in it then you will! Maybe not as one of their girlfreiinds but you WILL BE IN IT!!!!!! Thnks!! :)
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    mumbled "New Characters For Falling."

    Hey guys! So, I need some new people for my movella falling. I will need a girlfriend for Liam and a Girlfriend for Zayn. If you want to be pput in it as either one of those just leave a coment describing yourself.. You know what to do! :) xxx
    Rach xo.
    6 years ago
    Hi :)
    Rach, 16 (whatever age you want), blue eyes, long, curly ombre hair, average height, average weight
    I like singing, dancing stupidly with my girls...or guys, drawing, smiling, laughing, i love doing stuff for people if it will make them happy (drawing them pics, making them laugh, giving advice etc.)
    idk I'm a typical teenage girl with teenage drama (girls, boys, family, boys, boys, oh and did I say boys?)
    Love ya xo.
    6 years ago
    Hey I'm Janice (13) I have brown/golden hair. My eyes are naturally blue. In the summer they r green. Can I be Liam's girlfriend? My friends say I'm the best singer in the class and I'm always a friend to come to for advice. Hope I can be in your story. LOVE YOU :)
    6 years ago
    xXLouis_GirlXx is my sister check me out you probobel whont but check it out
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    mumbled "Falling, New "

    Hey! So, if you were reading Falling, first thank you! But, it won't let me write it on my phone any more and I don't have access to a computer. So, I'm going to re write it, just to let you know. It might have a diffret cover, I don't know yet. But please read it! ThankS!