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  • luvmicheal5SOS
    Good storyline but seriously why so many f bombs can u not explain what u rlly want to?
    UNPREDICTABLE (5sos fanfic) (completed)
    Lily Hemmings Is the younger sister of Luke Hemmings from 5sos, Being the protective brother and boyfriend he is he does not approve of Ashton, But what happens when Lily and Ashton try to make it work?...
    Savannah Hemmings 💖
    Lily cusses a lot but that's her style and if she wants to, I'm not stopping her.
  • luvmicheal5SOS
    Please keep updating
    A Summer of Brothers
    A Summer of Brothe...
    What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you. Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael.. (Will be doing some...
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